Tourmaline is known to be associated with positivity, happiness, satisfaction, contentment, love, success, and health. Every color has its own power and meaning. This is the only gemstone that occurs in rare black color and with exceptional healing properties on all levels. This stone is known to cure many health problems and people like to keep it with them all the time.

  • It enhances grounding
  • Shields against negative energy
  • Saves against electromagnetic hazards
  • Reduces anxiety, depression, and stress
  • Boosts immune system
  • Cures arthritis pain

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Tourmaline is a wonderful gemstone because of its superb physical and spiritual properties. Like other precious stones, it is also available in many different colors, mainly green, blue, red, yellow, brown, black, pink, purple, violet, and indigo. These colors are basically due to the presence of traces of magnesium and copper in improper ratios. In addition to its gorgeous color schemes, this stone is known for imparting good health. The best thing about the minerals of tourmaline is that the crystals are found in clean and large forms, which makes them easier to cut and design into impressive faceted pieces of gems.

Properties of Tourmaline

  • Transparent to translucent to nearly opaque
  • Mineral Boron Silicate
  • Specific Gravity–– 2.8 to 3.3
  • Crystal System–– Hexagonal
  • Luster–– Vitreous
  • Mineral Hardness–– 7 to 7.5 Mohs scale


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