Topaz is more than just a rock; it has a spiritual power that calms, restores, refreshes, and incites positive energy all around it. It brings calm, joy, and love into one’s life. It attracts the manifestation and attraction forces. This stone mirrors your ideas and desires, strengthens your attention, and assists you in channeling your thoughts into reality. this gemstone aligns your heart, body, and soul, and protects you from straying from your path.

  • The stone imparts contentment, munificence, prosperity, and sound health..
  • It is a stone of affection and luck..
  • It relieves nervousness and disseminates pleasure.
  • It braces toughness and speeds up the brain.
  • It encourages sincerity and uprightness, self-awareness, and discipline.

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Topaz is a silicate mineral widely known for being a multicolored gemstone. It has great physical properties possessing a hardness of 8 on the Mohs scale. They form large and orthorhombic crystals of aluminum and silicon. Aside from the fact that topaz is colorless when it occurs naturally, the most often purchased and affordable topaz is blue, which is the consequence of the stone’s irradiation treatment. Visit our website to shop your favorite gemstones.

Properties of Topaz

  • Translucent to transparent
  • Luster –– Vitreous
  • Mineral Hardness–– 8 Mohs
  • Perfect basal cleavage
  • Orthorhombic crystals
  • Mineral of silicate
  • Specific Gravity –– 3.4 to 3.6


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