This rare and beautiful semi-precious gemstone is known to have special spiritual as well as healing powers. By ensuring mental peace and calmness to the wearer,Apart from speeding up the healing process for various skin and hair conditions, wearing tanzanite jewellery like earrings, pendants or ring can bring the following benefits:

  • Strengthen immunity
  • Enhance creativity
  • Promote psychic powers
  • Cure migraine

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Tanzanite is a semi-precious gemstone popular in eye-catching blue and violet shades achieved after heating. It is received after heating the mineral Exquisite. Characterized by a unique physical property, this valuable gemstone exhibits color variations in the stone when looked at from different directions. Unlike other precious or semi-precious gemstones, this gemstone had been discovered as recently as in the 1960s. Its stunning blue hue is highly attractive and valued as much as the powerful sapphire stones.

Properties of Tanzanite Stones

  • Colors – Pink, Grey, Pink, Brown, Yellow, Heated forms are bluish and violet
  • Transparent
  • Refractive Index – 1.69 to 1.73
  • Specific Gravity – 3.09 – 3.38
  • Mineral Hardness range – 6-7 Mohs
  • Vitreous


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