Blue sapphire stones as auspicious symbols such as engagement rings and wedding rings have gained much popularity. The powerful healing quality and gemological significance of natural blue sapphire and other colors. Sapphire gemstones are believed to bring in various emotional, materialistic, and spiritual gains. Wearing a sapphire ring or pendant can benefit you in the following ways:

    • Professional career growth
    • Improves creative mind
    • Develops a positive vibe
    • Recovery from blood and eye-related issues
    • Eliminate tension and stress

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Popular for their elegant blue color, Sapphire gemstones are a highly durable gem variety from the Corundum mineral family. However, you may also find sapphires for sale in varied colors such as yellow sapphire, white sapphires, pink sapphire, among others. Sapphire is available as different colored stones due to the presence of impurities such as chromium, titan, vanadium, magnesium, and copper in these precious stones.

Properties of Sapphire Stones

  • Color – White, Grey, Yellow, Green, Pink, Purple, and more
  • Refractive-index range – Between 1.757-1.779
  • Hardness – 9 Mohs
  • Heat sensitivity – No
  • Luster – Vitreous, Adamantine
  • Transparency – Transparent, Opaque
  • Luminescence – UV-long, UV-short, X-ray, Fluorescent
  • Mineral specie – Corundum


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