Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz, popularly known as the Pink Stone, comes under the rulership of the planet Venus and is titled the “stone of love”. This crystal emits a strong sensation reflecting immense love, affection, joy, and warmth. It can be said that Rose Quartz holds the reins to your heart. Wearing this stone on your finger or around the neck can help your blood circulation to improve while gathering peaceful thoughts and vibrations. It has been said that wearing this crystal has helped fight skin allergies and infections and eliminate mental and physical impurities from the body. The Pink Stone can profoundly help you keep a tab on your anger, tackle emotional traumas, revive the love in a relationship, and emit positivity from within.

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Properties of Rose Quartz

  • Purpose:
    To Build Love, Passion, and Harmony in Love Relationship
  • How to Wear:
    In A Silver Ring In Left Hand’s Ring Finger Or Around Neck In A Silver Chain
  • Symbolizes:
    Self Love, Friendship, Love, Relationship
  • AstroSage Guarantee:
    100% Genuine, Lab Certified, and Authentic


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