Red Coral

 The Health Benefits of Red coral surpass almost every other gemstone because of its ability to restore digestive, circulatory, and psychological health. It is also worn to boost the immunity and mental concentration of the is highly recommended for people working in the Army, Police, Sports, or other professions where a great deal of physical and mental stamina is required.

  • Red coral benefits to overcome financial debts,
  • victory over enemies is ensure
  • those who wish to get married red coral recommended wearing
  • red coral gives you courage and the ability to face and solve troublesCall Now : +91 7710628979


red coral is usually cut or used to make beads. With several benefits, the Red Coral gemstone wearer gains victory over enemies. It avoids lethargy and has a good impact on mental health. Bestowing people with energy and hope, it boosts one’s self-esteem.

Gemstone Red Coral
Other Names Moonga
Ruling Planet (Vedic Astrology) Mars
Moh’s Scale 3.5
Specific Gravity 2.65
Signs Ruled Aries, Scorpio
Metal to Wear in Gold or Silver
Origin India, Italy, Japan, France



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