Pearl is said to pacify the planet, Moon. Pearl acts as a birthstone for those born in the month of June. Basically, it strengthens the moon in the wearer’s horoscope. It is best for people born with the Cancer zodiac sign or mark Rashi. Ascendants of Leo, Aries, Scorpio, Sagittarius, and Pisces can also wear pearl gemstone for astrological benefits.

  • Support Psychological Health
  • Instils self-confidence-
  • Improve Maternal Relationship
  • Natural pearls are very helpful to gain shining skin and bright eyes with a robust body structure

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Pearl is an organic, white to bluish-grey colored, precious gemstone produced inside the body of a living organism called ‘Mollusc’. This gemstone holds a strong astrological significance in Vedic astrology and is worn to pacify planet Moon in the wearer’s birth chart. Western astrology suggests Pearl birthstone for those born in the month of June.


Category Carbonate mineral, protein
Chemical Formula CaCO3
Crystal System Orthorhombic
Colors White, cream, silver, grey, blue, pink, green, brown, and black
Hardness 2.5 – 4.5 on the Mohs scale
Refractive Index 1.52 – 1.69
Specific Gravity 2.60 – 2.85
Birefringence 0.156
Lustre Pearly
Cleavage None
Streak White
Fluorescence White pearls – light blue to light yellow;
Golden pearls – yellow-green, greenish-brown to dark brown;
Black pearls – commonly pink to orange-red.


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