Moonstone is an excellent good luck charm that loves to bring light into your life. It is a talisman for travelers, a stone of prophecy, and an ultimate gift for lovers. It is a stone with a large number of benefits. Moonstone helps to open the heart chakra and get in touch with our inner feelings. It encourages harmony and balance in life. It soothes emotional instability, helps ease aggressive tendencies, and provides calmness of mind. It enhances intuition, increases psychic abilities, improves confidence.

  • Moonstar helps to regain inner balance
  • It treats insomnia
  • Moonstar encourages sleep and also helps to treat sleepwalking
  • Since yesteryears, it is considered as a stone for good fortune
  • this gemstone opens a new venture for growth in business for the wearer
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Moonstone exhibits a beautiful schiller effect called ‘Adularescence’ i.e. its surface has an extraordinary milky glow which appears like moonlight floating on water. Moonstone comes in many colors but transparent white Moonstone with blue schiller is most desirable. Moonstone symbolizes peace and new beginnings. It is believed that a moonstone possesses the soothing energy of the moon.

Properties of Moonstone

  • Natural Moonstone weighing 6.52 Carat (7.25 Ratti) of Sri Lanka origin
  • Shape:- Cut Oval
  • CabochonRefractive Index:- 1.65 – 1.69Specific
  • Gravity2:- .55 – 2.65
  • Country of OriginSri LankaFinishVery Good Certification Certified for Authenticity


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