Beryl gems family includes precious stones like Emerald and semi-precious stones that have a prominent place in correcting astrological mismatches. It can have an immense impact on your mental state and inner powers. By providing better emotional and mental control, Beryl-colored stones are popular to have benefited the wearer in the following ways.

      • Increases concentration.
      • Improve communication skills
      • Enhance spiritual powers
      • Strengthen inner-self

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The Beryl gemstones family is one of the most valuable and popular gems. The rich greenish emerald, pale pinkish morganite, to bluish aquamarine are a few of these famous beryl gems high on demand. Although beryls are colorless, the different colors of these genuine gemstones are based on the comprising impurities such as chromium, iron, vanadium, among others. Like the diverse blue color, right from sky-blue to deep-blue hues, aquamarine is because of the iron content in it. 

Properties of Beryl Stones

  • Appearance – Prismatic Crystal Shine
  • Colors – Colorless; Bluish-green, Blue, Green, Yellow-green, Pink, Red color, among others
  • Heat sensitivity – May undergo discoloration upon heating.
  • Luster – Vitreous
  • Mohs-scale count – 7.5-8
  • Refractive Index – 1.562 – 1.602
  • Luminescence – Fluorescent, UV-short, UV-long



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