Moksh Prapti pooja

Atmashanti Moksh Prapti puja is puja for a person’s salvation after death. Shanti Pooja Mantras are prayers for Peace & prayer for the dead. This Atmashanti Moksha puja for the path of a soul after death and provides Sadgati (Proper Path) and Moksha to our Ancestors, Fulfills the wishes, Grants happiness of both this Loka (Earth) and Parloka (Heavenly abodes).

   why? we do mokash prapti puja

  • Atma Shanti mokash prapti puja helps to get the blessing of the departed soul,
  • which clears blocks/hindrances from the path, leading to success, prosperity, peace, good health, and happiness because the offspring helps the departed soul to move ahead in its journey ahead, leaving behind negative karmas.


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This puja is done for the departed soul as per the prescribed Vedic rituals. 2 Priests will perform this puja.

Moksha Prapti Puja service includes:


Guru Vandana.

Vishnu Vandana.

Shiv Vandana.

Garuda Purana Recitation.


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