Connecting consciousness with the material world, Apatite is an excellent healing crystal to use for manifesting our physical desires. As long as these desires align with a positive outcome for all the people around you.

  • You are seeking a healthy appetite for life
  • This gem helps you to remain calm in all situations
  • opens the Throat chakra to help you communicate in a public setting.
  • balances the Heart chakra to better give and receive love energy.
  • Work with an Apatite gemstone to manifest love into your life.


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Apatite is an ultimate healing gemstone that also makes an excellent choice for jewelry. No matter if you are a minimalistic or a statement jewelry lover, Apatite is always fashionable and wins heart in no time.

Properties of APATITE

  • Gemstone:-Apatit
  • Treatment:-Unheated and Untreated (No Indications Observed)
  • Cut:-Faceted
  • Certification:-ITLGR Certified
  • Shape:-Oval
  • Composition:-Natural
  • Colour:-Blue
  • Specific Gravity:-3.2
  • Weight (carat):-0.42
  • Weight (Ratti):-0.4
  • Weight (grams):-0.08


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