Gemologist majorly suggests opal stone because of their rich metaphysical properties. Opal stones are majorly recommended for nurturing a creative mind and innovative skills. It is widely popular due to its divine properties to fix horoscope issues caused by the planet Venus. The opal stone is believed to have mystic powers of promoting love and mutual understanding. 

    • Improve financial status.
    • Enhance creativity.
    • Attain good fortune.
    • Develop positive vibes
    • Get a harmonious married life.
    • Cure ailments related to the liver, endocrine, and urinary system.

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The elegant pearly Opal stone is a popular semi-precious gemstone with strong astrological powers similar to the precious diamond. Characterized by an elegant white pearly color, opal stones are used to make elegant gemstone jewelry like necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and sparkling rings. Opal gems are also found in varied colored forms with a uniform translucent texture. Opals are popular for their unique ‘opalescence effect’ that refers to the brilliant milky texture coupled with a tinge of different colors.

Properties of Opal

  • Mohs value – 5.5-6.5
  • Refractive Index – 1.37-1.47
  • Colors – Colorless, hues of Red-orange and Yellow, Blue, Black, Grey, Green opal
  • Luster – Vitreous, pearly
  • Luminescence – Fluorescent, UV long, UV short, Phosphorescent
  • Transparency – Transparent to opaque


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